I’ve talked about making a deep, personal commitment to a new life with “The Deep Yes”. I’ve discussed the importance of following the decision we take with immediate action.

You’ve made the commitment to make a change. Now, the game’s on. …

“What next?” is where most of us who struggle with addiction get stuck. Addiction robs us of the power to do “Next.” We make grand decisions in our heads to finally make a change.

We only take action when our mind and body gives us a green light. I kept…

I’d had 5 years of sobriety the day I found myself in the parking lot of a CVS, pouring warm Chardonnay down my throat. That was the first day of my relapse: a two-year tumble back down the rabbit hole of addiction.

Two years is more than 700 days

I love any chance to connect with Taryn or Dawn of SHE RECOVERS, and their podcast honors and works through the idea that everyone is recovering from something.

I often get questions about what I do and why someone would want a recovery coach when programs like AA are free. My job is to complement a program of recovery, adding a whole new layer on top of your sponsor-something more high level.

An important note here: I am…

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Two weeks ago, my job became a soft-casualty of Covid-19. I say soft because of the many, many people who came down with the virus and lost than me. Me, I got laid off unexpectedly. From one day to another, my executive salary disappeared. Like millions of Americans who live…

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I have to confess — I am feeling a bit off this Sunday morning as I write this. I over-indulged last night, and my body is feeling the effects. As my alarm went off at 7 am, I had a moment of panic as I realized my head hurt a…

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Today, my nails tell the tale of the One animal we are — a collective of humans within a surreal chapter of life.

Look at them. Look at us. Growing. Changing. Shedding our polish. Unbecoming. Becoming real. Below the hard, shiny shell — showing the world who we are. Transparent and vulnerable. Honest and real. I smile, looking at their innocence and quiet wisdom.

My hands — which have held my child, built…

Photo by Rebekah Baker

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. This guide is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If your symptoms are acute, call 911.

As we step out of addiction, we all go through moments where we feel a deep craving for the substance/behavior that was the source of…

(Or how I did NOT DRINK TODAY)

Today I beat my drinking demon to a pulp. I fought my illness good and hard on the wrestling mat. It was a terrifying match. I finished bloody, messy and exhausted…but I won. Against all odds, I won.

What this means is that…


Certified Recovery Coach helping people build their own paths out of addiction and into the light. mybadassrecovery.com

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